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Our Food Philosophy

We try to make such sweet desserts that make the taste wonderful, but we did not cheat our committee to load it with sugars, salt, fats or preservatives to reach it. We will never forgive you on your promise. No artificial junk, just purely delicious.

  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • No corn syrup of any kind
  • No hydrogenated oils



Introducing WELLNESS By Chatoray India

We’ve always set out to be most convenient and delicious way to eat healthy. With our new Wellness Collection, we’re taking stress reduction one step further. Wellness by CHATORAY INDIA takes snacking into the future by offering healthy snacks with new ingredients that promote wellness from the inside out. We have been in this industry for 45 years and our customers love our products like our family members.




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Who we are ?

We are an exotic food delivery service which provides you with the specialities of any place you can think of. It sources the authentic food products from the places that they are native to. Not only you can book the products for yourself but also can request them to be gift wrapped and delivered it to your relatives or loved ones.

Whenever You visited a friend’s house in Mumbai and you shared your lives over an astounding wine in Taj, or when you were in Darjeeling with your special one, the smell of tea leaves is still fresh in your mind, don’t worry we have covered it all for you. It’s just not a service but the incarnation of culture. We want to bring unity with bringing diverse food culture closer and together.

You can open our website. Find out your favourite mouth-watering delicacy from the Vendor which is famous for making it the best, book it and Boom! You will have the dish delivered to your dining table in a specified amount of time. The delivery will be absolutely free within 2 to 3 days and the dish will be available for booking at the local rates with some extra incentives included. Now you can be in Kerala and still can have the spicy Bikaneri Bhujia that is famous in Bikaner or people in Ahmedabad can take a bite of the most succulent of dishes like Soan Papdi from North without a fuss


Introducing PM TEA By Chatoray India

Train Journey……. Tired …… bored…… wish to freshen  up……. missing home made .Tea…. Yes. How about a Piping Hot Home Made Tea…….

Just pick up your cell phone and dial……….. fetch a cup of refreshing hot Tea at your location……..

Yes, it is possible now. You can get home made Tea at your seat.

The idea of PM Tea is to provide you a refreshing homemade Tea at your location in the train. You will feel as if you are at home. And above all, you are re charged for the rest of the journey.

PM Tea not only caters your need but also gives opportunity to the Petty Vendors to make some coins and run their families in a respectable manner. The vendors earn their livelihood and shower their blessings on you.


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